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Maisie's Miraculous Mud Potion


Inspired by the tale of the Wizard of Oz, this story follows a young girl named Maisie is making a mud potion when suddenly it is brought to life transporting her to a world of her imagination. Using the magic of her imagination she helps her newfound friends, transformed in the blast from the potion, find their lost things in order to return her home in time for dinner.

The Mud Map

This is a map of Maisie's imaginary world created to look as though Maisie had drawn it in the mud herself.

Character Line Up

From left to right is the loyal Lion, our main character Maisie, the caring Dolly, and the playful Bot.

Props and Assets


Unicorn Ranch Stables

This is one of the first locations Maisie and her friends encounter on their quest. Here Maisie will retrieve Bot's lost charm with the help of the unicorns.

On the Road to Playtime Palace

Maisie and her friends travel back through the Woodland Grove and across the Misty River to head to Playtime Palace where they will retrieve Lion's lost button.

The Dock

The Dock is the final location Maisie and her friends come to. After passing through the Valley of Wishes Maisie finds the Dream Boat where she now must make a hard choice.

Key Frames

The Ribbon Nest

In the Woodland Grove Maisie attempts to retrieve Dolly's ribbon from a very angry bird.

The Final Farewell

Maisie head's home after saying goodbye to her friends.

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